WKTT Radio is a Talk Radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV and the Episodes of Liberty City. It's motto is "We Know The Truth!", which is also what WKTT stands for. It parodies Conservative Talk Radio, and is the opposite of WCTR.

Track Listings Edit

Being a Talk Radio station it plays no songs, but it does feature a few programs:

Just or Unjust: A courtroom reality show that often has unusual rulings.

The Richard Bastion Show: Right Wing talk radio Show.

Fizz!: Entertainment News Show.

The Martin Serious Show: Stunt Radio Show.

Conspire: A new conspiracy theory show available on The Ballad of Gay Tony hosted by John Smith.

GTA IV WKTT Radio50:15



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Trivia Edit

  • On July 13, 2007, Rockstar Games launched a teaser site for the radio station at It served as a competition of sorts, allowing fans to telephone a New York-based number (212-360-2368) to leave a message about what they think is "wrong with Liberty City, America, Liberals or your health". Some of the calls were featured in the soundtrack for GTA IV. The site currently redirects to the WKTT section in the main GTA IV website.
  • WKTT is one of the few AM station in the Grand Theft Auto series. The frequency is 1066 AM.

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