The Kronic is a Rap station in Saints Row. It's Host is DJ Clinton Sparks.

Track Listings Edit

Saints Row (2006)

Airborn Audio - Inside the Globe

Aisha - Bounce Like My Checks

Aisha - DFM Like I'm Your Wife

Aisha - Leave The Ho

Bathgate - Everything's A Go

Bisc One - Crumbs

Black Market Militia - Hood Lullabye

Copywrite - Beautiful Trainwreck

De La Soul - Rock Co. Kane Flow

Kenn Starr - What Up

Little Brother - Shake it

M.E.D. - Nightlife

Madvillain - Money Folder

Masta Killa feat. Ghostface

and Raekwon - D.T.D.

Mathematics feat. Method Man - John 3 16

Quasimoto - Chippin

Vordul Mega - Spitamatic

Wordsworth - Gotta Pay

Saints Row 1 - The Kronic 9249:15

Saints Row 1 - The Kronic 92.2 (Complete Rap Radio Station Soundtrack)-0

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