SF-UR (San Fierro Underground Radio) is an Underground Techno station featured in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It is hosted by Han Oberlander who is German, and speaks that and English on the station. As its name suggests, SF-UR is broadcast from a secret location in San Fierro.

Track Listings Edit

GTA San Andreas (1992)

Joe Smooth feat. Anthony Thomas - Promised Land (1988)

808 State - Pacific 202 (1989)

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray (1988)

Frankie Knuckles - Your Love (1987)

Raze - Break 4 Love (1988)

Cultural Vibe - Ma Foom Bey (1986)

Jomanda - Make My Body Rock (1988)

CeCe Rogers - Someday (1987)

Nightwriters - Let The Music (Use You) (1987)

Mr. Fingers - Can You Feel It? (1988)

Maurice - This Is Acid (A New Dance Craze) (K & T Mix) (1989)

The Todd Terry Project - Weekend (1988)

Fallout - The Morning After (Sunrise Mix) (1987)

Robert Owens - I'll Be Your Friend (1991)

The 28th Street Crew - I Need A Rhythm (1989)

SF-UR all tracks Full Radio Station - GTA San Andreas High Quality01:12:14

SF-UR all tracks Full Radio Station - GTA San Andreas High Quality

GTA San Andreas

Trivia Edit

  • This is the favourite radio station of the San Fierro Triads.
  • This is the only radio station which doesn't feature any station IDs, and the only radio station that doesn't have any renditions of the songs without the DJ commentary.
  • This is the only radio station in the game not to be released seperately as a soundtrack CD.

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