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Massive B Soundsystem 96.9 is a Reggae and Dub radio station exclusively in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is headquartered in Broker, Liberty City. Also it's host is real life Dancehall musician and DJ, Bobby Konders. The station's slogan is "Massive dancehall hits coming at you direct from the world's best sound systems".

Track Listings Edit

GTA IV (2008)

Burro Banton - "Badder Den Dem" (2007)

Choppa Chop - "Set It Off" (2007)

Mavado - "Real McKoy with a Full Clip" (2007)

Jabba - "Raise It Up" (2007)

Bunji Garlin - "Brrrt" (2006)

Richie Spice - "Youth Dem Cold" (2007)

Chuck Fenda - "All About Da Weed" (2008)

Chezidek - "Call Pon Dem" (2006)

Mavado - "Last Night" (2007)

Spragga Benz - "Da Order" (2008)

Bounty Killer - "Bullet Proof Skin" (2007)

Shaggy - "Church Heathen" (2007)

Munga - "No Fraid A" (2008)

Buju Banton - "Driver" (2008)

GTA IV Massive B Soundsystem 96.9 Radio Station

GTA IV Massive B Soundsystem 96.9 Radio Station.


Trivia Edit

  • Bobby Konders mentions the station started in 1998, which is a reference to GTA:Liberty City Stories, which took place in 1998.
  • When Niko asks a taxi driver to put the radio on Massive B, he says "96.6" instead of 96.9.
  • This is Little Jacob's favorite radio station. During friendship activities, he will say that he loves this station.