MSX FM is a Radio Station playing Beat and Dance Music in Liberty City. It becomes MSX 98 in GTA Liberty City Stories. The station plays Fast Paced Music. MC Codebreaker is the Host, with a thick British Accent. It is a continous DJ track list so it has no commercials. The Station's full name is MSX 101.1 FM. Also the MSX stands for "Moving Shadow". It is one of the Southside Hood's favorite stations.

Track Listings Edit

GTA III (2001)

TJ Rizing - "Agent 007" (can be heard mixing in while other songs are playing) (2000)

Calyx - "Quagmire" (2001)

Rascal and Klone - "Get Wild" (2000)

Ryme Tyme - "Judgement Day" (2000) Hex - "Force" (2000)

Omni Trio - "First Contact" (2001)

Aquasky - "Spectre" (2001)

Rascal and Klone - "Winner Takes All" (2000)

Calyx - "Catapult" (2001)

Rascal and Klone - "The Grind" (2000)

Ryme Tyme - "T Minus" (2000)

nCode - "Spasm" (2000)

D Kay - "Monolith" (2000)

Dom & Ryme Tyme - "Iceberg" (2000)

Grand Theft Auto III - MSX FM (No Commercials)

Grand Theft Auto III - MSX FM (No Commercials)


Trivia Edit

  • This is also the Sicilian Mafia's favorite station.
  • The songs "Renegade Snares", "The Helicopter Tune" and "Spectre" are also featured in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition, another Rockstar game.
  • In the alpha version of GTA III, the station was meant to be named Moving Shadow FM.