Lips 106 FM is a Radio Station playing Pop Music in Liberty City. It plays Top 40 music, and is the favorite radio station of the Yakuza in GTA III. In 1998 in GTA LCS, the station is hosted by Cliff Lane with Andee as "His Sidekick". By 2001 in GTA III, Andee is the only DJ. Cliff was likely fired due to the perverted lust for teenage girls he expressed in Liberty City Stories. The station's headquarters can be found in Staunton Island, and its call sign is KBDDF, according to the GTA III website. Lips 106 is possibly based on WBLI 106.1, which plays Top 40 in New York City.

Track Listings Edit

GTA LCS (1998)

Rudy LaFontaine - "Funk in Time"

Sawaar - "Love is the Feeling"

Sunshine Shine - "Mine Until Monday"

Credit Check - "Get Down"

Cool Timers - "Tonight"

Nina Barry - "Bassmatic"

The Jackstars - "Into Something (C'mon Get Down)"




GTA III (2001)

Spil 601

GTA III Beta logo

Fatamarse - "Bump To The Music"

April's in Paris - "Feels Like I Just Can't Take No More"

Lucy - "Forever"

Boyz 2 Girls - "Pray It Goes OK?"

Da Shootaz - "Grand Theft Auto"

Funky BJs - "Rubber Tip"

Marydancin - "Wash Him Off" (removed from the final version of the game)

Grand Theft Auto III - Lips 106 (No Commercials)-0

Grand Theft Auto III - Lips 106 (No Commercials)-0


Trivia Edit

  • During an advertisement previewing some of the songs that are played on the station, "Rush Rush" by Debbie Harry is one of the previewed songs even though that song never plays on Lips 106, but on Flashback FM. This probably proves that Rockstar were originally planning to have that song play on Lips instead.
  • Rockstar Games have released the entire GTA III and Liberty City Stories playlists of Lips 106 on iTunes for download, including the cut song "Wash Him Off" by Marydancin.
  • On this radio you can hear a news about Carcer City and its corrupted police chief who was cleared for corruption charges. The same news reports that Carcer City is "nearby" to Liberty City.
  • Before the song "Feels Like I Just Can't Take No More", Andee will advertise a Trance night at Sex Club 7, hinting that the establisment is also a nightclub besides being a strip club.
  • Lips is a slang word for the inner and outer labia, the fleshy folds that protect the woman's clitoris and vagina. This is another example of Rockstar Games' crude humor.
  • "Bump to the Music" is one of Franklin's ringtones for his phone in Grand Theft Auto V. It is also his default ringtone once you first play as him.
  • Sawaar is incorrectly named in the iTunes store as "Sarwarr".