IF99 (International Funk 99 FM) is a radio station in GTA IV. It is hosted by Real-life funk musician Femi Kuti. In GTA TBOGT and GTA TL&D it is replaced by it's sister station K109. It's slogan is "The international Home of Funk".

Track Listings Edit

GTA TBOGT and GTA TL&D (2008)

Fela Kuti - "Sorrow, Tears & Blood" (1977)

Femi Kuti - "Truth Don Die" (1998)

Fela Kuti - "Zombie" (1977)

Lonnie Liston Smith - "A Chance for Peace" (1975)

War - "Galaxy" (1977)

The O'Jays - "Give the People What They Want" (1975)

Gil Scott-Heron - "Home Is Where the Hatred Is" (1971)

The Meters - "Just Kissed My Baby" (1974)

Mandrill - "Livin' It Up" (1975)

Manu Dibango - "New Bell" (1972)

Creative Source - "Who Is He And What Is He To You" (1974)

Hummingbird - "You Can't Hide Love" (1977)

Below is a link to the playlist of IF99 songs.


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