Galaxy News Radio or "GNR" for short is a Radio station in Fallout based in Washington D.C. in the post-nuclear war 2277. It was started in 2272 by "Three Dog" which is also the station's host. It is the last remnants of the Galaxy News Network, which was a pre-war channel broadcasting long-ago. The station also plays hits before the bombs fell, and usually focus on 1940's and 50's songs, known as "Oldies" Today. By 2277 they have become the most popular station in The Capitol Wasteland, beating Enclave Radio. The station also gives Survival Advice in the post-war wasteland.


Track Listings Edit

Fallout 3 (2277)

"I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire"-The Ink Spots

"Anything Goes"-Cole Porter

"A Wonderful Guy"-Tex Beneke

"Boogie Man"-Sid Phillips

"Butcher Pete (Part 1)"-Roy Brown

"Crazy He Calls Me"-Billie Holiday

"Civilization"-Danny Kaye

"Easy Living"-Billie Holiday

"Fox Boogie"-Gerhard Trede

"Happy Times"-Bob Crosby

"I'm Tickled Pink"-Jack Shaindlin

"Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall"-Ella Fitzgerald with The Ink Spots

"Jazzy Interlude"-Billy Munn

"Jolly Days"-Gerhard Trede

"Let's Go Sunning"-Jack Shaindlin

"Maybe"-The Ink Spots

"Mighty, Mighty Man"-Roy Brown

"Rhythm For You"-Eddy Christiani and Frans Poptie

"Swing Doors"-Allan Gray

"Way Back Home"-Bob Crosby & The Bob Cats

Fallout 3 (Galaxy News Radio) Full channel

Fallout 3 (Galaxy News Radio) Full channel

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  • There is reference that It existed before the war as well, by Ad posters, were it broadcasted on 103.8 FM.
  • The Host "Three Dog", may be killed in a quest in-game, if so he will be replaced by his assistant "Margaret".