Futiro 22

Futuro FM is a Radio Station in Anywhere City in Grand Theft Auto 2. The station is the favourite of The Zaibatsu Corporation and can be listened to in all three districts of Anywhere City. The station's DJ, "Dean Frantz", plays dance, rock, jazz-oriented pop and funk music. The Downtown District building for the station was bombed by Claude Speed for Elmo in a Mission of the game. The station's logo features the stereotypical image of an Atom Particle.

Track Listings Edit

GTA 2 (2013)

Reed - L.E.D.

Davidson - All I Wanna Do

Spangly Feet - Dazed & Confuzed

Stylus Exodus - Toucan Pie

GTA 2 Soundtrack - Futuro FM12:01

GTA 2 Soundtrack - Futuro FM


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