Funk 94.8 is a Funk and Easy-Listening from the 1960's-80's station in Saints Row 2. It is only seen in that game, meaning it started somewhere between 2006 and 2008, and stayed in Stilwater by 2011 (SR 3). The DJ Host is Elly Moon.

Track Listings Edit

Saints Row 2 (2008)

Amnesty - "Love Fades" (1973)

Bad Medicine - "Trespasser" (1974)

Chocolate Star - "Gotta Get Your Love" (1980)

Clifford Nyren - "Keep Running" (1979)

Ebony Rhythm Band - "Drugs Ain't Cool" (1969)

Leon Mitchison - "Street Scene" (1971)

Luther Davis Group - "You Can Be A Star" (1979)

Pure Essence - "Wake Up Pt. 1/ Pt. 2" (1976)

Sheila Skipworth - "Look What You've Done To Me" (1969)

Dayton Sidewinders - "Funky In Here" (1972)

The Rhythm Machine - "Put A Smile On Time" (1975)

The Soul Seven - "The Cissy's Thang" (1969)

UPC Allstars - "Don't Get Discouraged" (1971)

Photos Edit

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