Khalil DJ

DJ Khalil is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars that only plays songs made by DJ Khalil himself. The station is not available on the DS Versions.

Track Listings Edit

GTA Chinatown Wars (2009)

DJ Khalil - "The Game" (Defari - "Show Some Luv")

DJ Khalil - "Chin Danny" (Bo Da Goodfella - "Live From The Garden")

DJ Khalil - "Danny Tox" (Kida - "Street Music")

DJ Khalil - "More Meters" (Luguz - "High Off Myself")

DJ Khalil - "Make It Rain" (Bishop Lamont - "Inconvenient Truth")

DJ Khalil - "Take It Away" (Latroce Mex - "Le Tsar")

DJ Khalil - "New Bishop" (God'sHand - "Die With My Jutsu")

DJ Khalil - "Mr. Skee" (Chace Infinite feat. Krondon & Phil The Agony - "Welcome")

DJ Khalil - "Busta Danny" (Roc C & Illa J - "Turn It Up")

DJ Khalil - "Big Thunder" (Kobe & Hot Dollar - "Night Life")

DJ Khalil - "Chin Danny Rock Beat" (DJ Khalil & Chin Injeti - "China")

GTA Chinatown Wars - DJ Khalil FULL (With Transitions)15:00

GTA Chinatown Wars - DJ Khalil FULL (With Transitions)

GTA Chinawtown wars

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