DFA is a radio station in GTA Chinatown Wars playing Disco and Techno tracks, all produced by DFA Records. It is not Available in the DS Versions of the game. Also the songs are shortened from their true released versions.

Track Listings Edit

GTA Chinatown Wars (2009)

Altair Nouveau - "Space Fortress"

Walter Jones - "The Odyssey Sound" (Mogg & Naudascher Edit)

Mogg & Naudascher - "Moon Unit Part 1"

The Juan MacLean - "The Simple Life"

Mogg & Naudascher - "Moon Unit Part 2"

Plastique de Rêve - "Lost in the City" feat. Ghostape

Skatebård - "Pagans"

Max Brannslokker - "Stropharia"

Strangelets - "Riot on Planet 10" (Blitz Gramsci Remix)

GTA Chinatown Wars DFA15:20

GTA Chinatown Wars DFA

GTA Chinatown Wars

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