Chatterbox FM is a radio station in GTA III and GTA LCS. It is owned by Donald Love's, Love Media. It is hosted by Lazlow, a famous Grand Theft Auto Talk Radio host. Chatterbox FM does not feature music; like talk radio stations in the real world, Chatterbox features a format in which listeners call in with opinions, concerns and complaints, and the host responds with their take on the situation. The station also features two long interviews with Liberty City characters — one with the pacifist, organic food-eating martial artist Reed Tucker, and one with the "cheap pimp from upstate", Fernando Martinez (who would become a recurring character in the GTA series, on- and off-radio). Chatterbox FM is the Triads' favorite radio station.

Track Listings Edit

Due to this being a talk radio station, it has no songs.

GTA LCS (1998)

GTA LCS Chatterbox FM

GTA LCS Chatterbox FM


GTA III (2001)

Grand Theft Auto III - Chatterbox FM - PC-0

Grand Theft Auto III - Chatterbox FM - PC-0


Trivia Edit

  • In GTA IV, Lazlow mentions Chatterbox and several other stations he hosts.