89.0 Generation X (GenX 89)is a rock station in all Saints Row games. The name is a reference to Generation X, people born from the late 60's to the early 80's. It has had 4 DJ's, Paul Driscol in 2006, Veteran Child in 2008, Tatiana in 2011, and Tommy Macher by 2013.

Track Listings Edit

Saints Row (2006)

Bear vs. Shark - "5,6 Kids"

Cruiserweight - "To Be Quite Honest"

Danko Jones - "Home To Hell"

Hockey Night - "For Guys' Eyes Only"

If I Were King - "Cauterise"

Jet By Day - "Meet Me In The Dark"

Kinski - "Hiding Drugs In The Temple"

New Years Day - "Ready, Aim, Misfire"

Orange Park - "Make up Your Mind"

Paint It Black - "Panic"

Shelby - "The Golden Boy"

The Adored - "TV Riot"

The Aquabats - "Look At Me, I'm a Winner"

The Loved Ones - "100K"

Young Offenders Institute - "We're the Young Offenders"

Saints Row 2 (2008) Deftones - "Hole in the Earth" 2006

Galactic feat. Lyrics Born - "What You Need" 2007

Hot Hot Heat - "Let Me In" 2007

Jet - "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" 2006

The Life and Times - "Coat of Arms" 2005

Minus the Bear - "Knights" 2007

My Chemical Romance - "Teenagers" 2007

Panic! At The Disco - "Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" 2006

Paramore - "Misery Business" 2007

Plain White T's - "Hate (I Really Don't Like You)" 2006

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - "Face Down" 2006

The Subways - "Rock & Roll Queen" 2005

Taking Back Sunday - "MakeDamnSure" 2006

The Used - "All That I've Got" 2004

Saints Row 3 (2011)

The Black Keys - "Next Girl"

Brooklyn - "Volcanology"

The Dear Hunter - "In Cauda Venenum"

Delphic - "Clarion Call"

The Do - "Queen Dot Kong"

Dragonette - "Stupid Grin"

Feeder - "Renegades"

Heavy Young Heathens - "Sha La La La La"

Hockey - "Too Fake"

Jr. - "Lost Desire"

King Khan and the Shrines - "Torture"

The Lines - "El Matador"

Miike Snow - "Animal"

The Rassle - "Born Free"

Sleigh Bells - "Riot Rhythm"

Valencia - "Stop Searching"

White Denim - "Paint Yourself"

Saints Row IV (2013)

Awolnation - Burn it Down (2010)

Beware of Darkness - Howl (2012)

Black Bananas - Rad Times (2012)

FIDLAR - No Waves (2012)

In Flames - Deliver Us (2011)

Lissy Trullie - It's Only You, Isn't It (2012)

Neon Trees - Teenage Sounds (2012)

Papa Roach - Still Swinging (2012)

Terraplane Sun - Get Me Golden (2012)

The Black Cadillacs - Choke (2012)

The Bronx - Along For The Ride (2013)

The Datsuns - System Overload (2006)

The Features - How It Starts (2011)

Walk the Moon - Tightrope (2012)

We Were Promised Jetpacks - Circles and Squares (2011)

A Play List for the station can be viewed here:[1]

Photos Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being Called Generation X, it plays "Generation Y" Music.

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